Earth Day Worksheets

Discover Earth Day worksheets and learn about our Earth, reinforce math skills and have fun in your class this holiday! This collection is great for practicing various skills. With these hands-on activities, your child will learn about Earth Day, he will read and think how he can help the Earth, play fun games with flashcards and much day worksheets


What your child will find here? First, I have to tell you that this set designed for early learners and include more hands-on activities, and less no prep worksheets. Yes, it will take a little time to set up, but will bring more benefits to your child.  Second, these activities promote so many skills, but your little one will barely notice you are teaching him. All he will have is a fun time with you!

Now, let’s take a closer view. Primary, these activities improves cognitive development. These fundamental skills give your child the ability to reason, analyze and evaluate the information. As well it encourages imagination, provide vocabulary and produce more complex thoughts.

Next, your child will strengthen the fundamental math skills such as patterning, logic, memory, and analytical skills. He will enrich his vocabulary, practice letter recognition, and reading comprehension skills. Besides all of this, he will learn about the Earth and how he can help the Earth.


Earth Day Worksheets and Activities

Want to know the best part? Each activity available IN COLOR and B&W. Now it is your choice whether to print it in color or simply black and white.
Now, it is time for the detailed description.

Earth fun facts will be a great introduction. Read each card and discuss it with your child. If you are in a classroom let kids have a conversation on each topic. They will gain new information that will be helpful in some following activities.

Learn new Earth day related words. Two types of flashcards available for you: with and without pictures. Introduce one or two words at a time. Place the flashcards on the wall for your child’s reference. Now, he can see and use these words in daily activities and discussions.

As your child learned new words it is a good time to reinforce his phonics skills. Using Earth day clip cards let your child finds the beginning sound and attaches the clothespin. Great practice to improve fine motor skill and auditory processing.

Does your child know all the alphabet letters? If, yes let him create a path from A to Z. On his way, he will find obstacles he needs to go over to continue his way.

Practice patterning skills. For this activity, you will need scissors and glue.

More activities to promote logic skills.

  • Earth Day Wheel – matching shadow game. Your child will find the shadow of each Earth Day element. You can glue cards to the clothespins or simply let your child sort it.
  • Memory Game – simply print out two copies of the page to have a full pack of cards.

At the end have a little fun with a quiz. Print and cut out cards. Give your child one at a time. And make the Earth Craft!

Earth Day Lesson Plan


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