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FUNtastic SIMON worksheets have a specific focus: developing intellect. Kids will learn colors and shapes, develop perception and attention, learn how to compare and group things and actively explore the world. This emphasis on the intellectual training not random: the process is not fast, so the sooner you start, the better results will be. Do not lose time! And then your child will easily learn how to read, count and write.


Worksheets include various exercises to develop motor skills and speech. Start introducing letters to toddlers (before it is just not uninteresting and boring for them).  Along the way, your child acquires great experience and this will help him smoothly adapt to the kindergarten.



With FUNtastic SIMON worksheets, your child will successfully develop all that he needs at this age: intellect, logic, creative thinking, motor skills, speech, and communication. And all of this – in a fun, exciting and dynamic way!


Each age is very important and linked to the specific knowledge, skills and abilities. The rules apply to most of the children, but not all of them. Every child has his own development path depending on many factors. Do not worry if at this time your child is not able to do something: it can take time, and with your help, he will learn all he needs and learn it with fun.


We also want to note that the earlier you start to develop logical thinking, which based on feelings and perceptions, the higher will be the level of his cognitive activity.


With FUNtastic SIMON kindergarten math worksheets, kids will explore a lot of things their needs at this age. They will find objects: right, left, middle, top, bottom, front, rear and learn geometric shapes (circle, oval, square, triangle and rectangle). We will explore all numbers from 0 to 9, place the numbers 1 to 5 in the correct sequence in reverse order. Kids will compare the number of objects, understand the value of more than – less equally.


With our worksheets, your child will develop logic and creative thinking which will prepare him for the future learning. In our worksheets kids will find differences and similarities between the two pictures (or between two toys), generalize a group of objects (cow, horse, goat, pets, winter, summer, spring-season), finding an extra subject in each group, finding a pair of each subject. They will answer questions such as: Can you sled in the summer? Why? Why do you wear a winter jacket in the winter? And choose the opposite word: a full glass – empty glass, go slow – go fast, hot tea – cold tea


Speech development is very important. We will use communications worksheets to help children construct sentences of 6-8 words. Explore the body parts and understand the difference between human and animal body parts (hands – paws, nails – nails, hair – wool). Kids will describe objects (apple – round, sweet, yellow) and make their own description. They will understand the meaning of prepositions (in, on, under, behind, between, before, and so on).


With FUNtastic social study worksheets, kids will explore professions and what people do in these professions. They will hold a conversation and answer questions.


We will distinguish the differences between the vegetables, fruits, and berries in science worksheets. We will learn insects and talk about how they move (butterfly flies, snail crawling, jumping grasshopper). Your child will know all the animals and young and guess from the pictures seasons and know the signs of each.

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