Two years… This age requires more patience, endurance and peace. At the age of two, your child is already running and jumping, he has a lot of energy and ready to explore the world around him. He is very mobile and you will need to provide him an opportunity for the movement.

In 2 years, many kids already know how to hold a pencil or pen, so it’s time to introduce your child to creativity. You can start developing his fine motor skills using play dough, pencils and pens, watercolors and finger paints.

Using flashcards and first puzzles, your child will extend his vocabulary and improve his speech. Explore FUNtastic worksheets and activities for toddlers and have fun!

math christmas activities
Math Christmas activities for little learners. Introduce your child the concept of “one few and many”. Download and print worksheet. Show your child a circle with […]

One Few Many | Reindeer