Math and Problem Solving

Here you will find everything your child need to improve your child’s math skills. There are no formulas and definitions, your child will not memorize. There is an opportunity for your child to think, reason, and argue to convince his opinion.

Do not force your child with correct answers. He has his own logic, and you have no other way to get to know it patiently and kindly to support his version.

FUNtastic math worksheets focus on the development of critical thinking, cognitive skills, reasoning, and problem solving, as well as lead your child to analyze and evaluate the results and become detail-oriented.

Math and problem-solving worksheets include, but not limited to:
paw1-01  Counting up to 3, 5 and 10, addition and subtraction;
paw1-01  A comparison of more than, less than, equal, not equal;
paw1-01  Spatial awareness: front-back, inside-outside, between the middle-right-left, over-under etc.;
paw1-01  Classifying and sorting: same, different, by color, size and shapes etc.;
paw1-01  Examines concepts: straight, curve, polyline, point;
paw1-01  Examine patterns and logic chains;
paw1-01  Measurements: long and short, tall and short, light and heavy, etc.;
paw1-01  Geometry: identify shapes, figures and symmetry.

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