In the Town All Year Round. Susanne Berner Rotraut.

Kids love looking at pictures! But what if the book is a cartoon story where characters will speak for themselves? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Ali Mitgutsch is the first creator of this books. He introduced the Calvary perspective (which German engravers used in the XVII century). Looking at the picture you see all the figures as if you are sitting on the horse. The whole prospect is slightly overturned, and you see all characters the same size, regardless of their place. This genre calls Wimmelbuch (flickering, teeming book), and it has gained extraordinary popularity worldwide.

What Wimmelbuch is? The book usually has a large format; each page shows a lot of details and objects. Very often authors plotting original game of hide and seek with the reader. Wimmelbuch books charming both children and adults, who are willing to follow the adventures.

In the town all year round.

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At first glance ‘In the town, all year round’ is just a very good book. But the very important point is attention to details and speech practice. This book is unique and it can teach how to take life as a single stream, where everything that happens to each of us is closely related with other people and the environment.

The book shows the town all year round with the change of seasons, city and citizen’s activities. The story begins in the morning on the three-storey house. The house has three apartments: three living rooms, three bathrooms, and three kitchens … Explore all the decoration inside each apartment we can guess who lives there. It is very important for 2-6 years old kids to discuss with parents or grandparents citizens and their habits. Each character has its own story to follow and you can spend more than one day to talk over all details with your kids.


At the back of each book, you can find an introduction to citizens and their stories to follow: ‘Chloe has a car trouble’, ‘Hanna is going to her piano lesson’, ‘Why is Suzie going to have to buy a new hat?’, ‘Who is a mysterious motorcyclist?’… With each of them, you can go through the town from the beginning to the end!

From season to season everything is changing… Go ahead; we are on the station square. Escalator, the train schedule and hours, buffet and kiosk with newspapers – all of this is very interesting. Traveling is one of the most important forms of socialization: exploring the world of people. Remember, for small kids, even a small trip is a big adventure.

Look at the cultural center, where citizens work in their studios or in the library.  Near the cultural center built a new kindergarten (trace the construction in the town all year round: winter, spring and summer books!). This page has a special meaning for little kids – the first and the most important public space for them. Here is a first team, and the first experience of socializing, and the first artistic impressions. If at the store or at the gas station kids are just a viewers, here they are already an active participant.

Hooray! We have reached the central square! Here the citizens celebrate their holidays, learn and discuss the news and buy something useful.

Moving on to the town all year round. It is hard to imagine a modern city without a supermarket or shopping center. Someone is buying; someone is entering the parking lot, someone up in the elevator. You can go here for food, and you can buy it at the shop or in the market. Whether it is Christmas or New Year, Easter holiday in the spring or the beginning of the school year in the fall. Why do we go to the store? What we love and what we don’t. Discuss all shopping details with your children.

In the town all year round… everything changes from season to season.

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  • look at familiar objects and play the game “I found … (cars, girls, yellow, objects, etc.);
  • look for unfamiliar objects; explain them, why do we need them, etc.;
  • introduce the new words, phrases, and concepts;
  • Get to know the concept of “near-far”, “left – right”, “fast-slow”, “up and down”. Do not forget the time: “now – later”, “then – before”, “today – tomorrow”, “for a long time – soon”;
  • look at the animals and birds; notice their relationship with a people;
  • discuss the changes that have occurred in town; compare the life in the town all year round
  • discuss what is important in the town: different people, differences in the lifestyles, talk about equally important things for all citizens (tolerance, courtesy, friendliness etc.)

When your child grows up this book will be the perfect tool for study any foreign language – familiar space will help it faster and easier to absorb new words.

“In the town, all year round” is a creative interaction of adults and children, of joy and confidence, sense of love for their city, and responsibility for it. We sincerely hope that the town all year round will help you and your children grow up and help each other.

Welcome to the town all year round!


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