Children’s Books

Book play an important role in child’s development. Books expand child’s vocabulary and introduce him to surrounding world.


Take a book, sit down together and read. Over the time, your child will begin to understand where the book starts and ends. Your child will develop logical thinking, learn new words, expand vocabulary and develop imagination. In addition, your child will develop the ability to listen, and this is a very important.


Why read children’s books together?


Children look forward when mom or dad are here to show a wonderful world of story tales. Communication with parents is very important for growing children when they get full attention to him and joint reading gives this opportunity.


The need for security. When a child is sitting with parents it creates a sense of intimacy, safety and security. It creates a common space, a sense of belonging. Such moments have a strong influence in creating the comfortable feeling of the world.


Feeling of significance. When parents read what is interesting to the child and discuss with him important thing, they seek to better understand his views and personality.


The values. Heroes make different things, going through various life situations that intersect with child’s world. Your child will learn what is good and bad, friendship and betrayal, compassion, duty, and honor. And each parent will see these values in a child’s life.


Experiences. Your child will experience together with heroes of their failures and victories, overcoming the fears and difficulties on the way to meet the goal. Thus freeing up their own fears and negative experiences. That is why your child can reread many times a certain subject (or the entire book). Your child, again and again, will be going through something he is not able to handle in his own reality.


Learning new. Through the book, your child will perceive different patterns of behavior (such as friends, how to meet goals, how to solve conflicts), which will help him handle different situations. The greatest effect achieves if the reading with the discussion. What he liked, what scared him or amused. Parents can help children to read and see the analogy in their own lives.


There is a harmonious and friendly atmosphere in families where parents often and a lot read to children’s books.

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