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Today, every parent knows how important art is for intellectual and aesthetic development. When drawing, children learn about the world, its objects and phenomena. They express their thoughts and feelings and develop creativity. Drawing – is a dialogue between child and the world.


Children’s drawings progress from doodles and patches to a meaningful image. Until recently teachers and parents used templates in teaching. Today these ideas are old. Today we encourage children develop imagination.


Children have a great interest in drawing, imagination and activity. How to teach your child to draw? There is no ready-made recipe for kids art.  For each child, we try to find an individual approach. The basis for the fine arts is the ability to see the world grasp child’s attention, even small details. Drawing children will also learn how to handle tools and materials.


Let’s teach our children to see the beauty around them, even in small things, even in the most ordinary things. That is what is aesthetic education is.


Education begins at the age of three. Younger children are already showing interest. Doodles replaced by associations, and then by objects. However, painting for kids more difficult because they are easily distracted, easily lose their original plan and coming up with new details.


A three-year-old children need to talk about geometric shapes, how they differ, what subjects represented by a circle, square, triangle, oval. Children carry out various types of lines, to use them in the picture.


At the age of four children have mastered the basic skills of drawing. They know how to hold a brush and pencil, paints confidently use. Their drawing shift to more accurate and complex paintings. At this age, children learn new methods of drawing (points, strokes) and introduce drawing on the same topic, involving multiple image objects on a single sheet.


A five-year-old children have already learned the basics of composition, learn how to withstand the scale. Moreover, these figures are more detailed and expressive, but things are still more or less schematic.

Science Activities for Kids


activities for kidsWhat usually kids between 2 and 5 do? Right! They constantly ask you. What is it? Why? What is it for? Here are all the answers! The kids will understand the surrounding world.


Children love everything about cars, boats, airplanes and so on. These science activities created to explore all kinds of transportation. Different type and purpose of transportation.


Everything your kid needs to know about food. These science activities introduce little kids to fruits and vegetables. Let them think about healthy eating from childhood! Let them grow healthy!


Take a look with your toddler on a wonderful scientific world full with all kinds of animals. Your little one will learn who lives on the farm, in the forest, at home. Learn the new words and sounds. Let’s have fun!


For children, every season looks like a new world with a distinctive bright colors, smells and sensations. You can start introducing children to the seasons, describe the weather and show them particular pictures and discuss the world around them.


The main focus of our science activities for kids is to expand the details of the surrounding world and society. A variety of practical tasks focus on enriching:

  • vocabulary,
  • improving reading skills,
  • listening and speaking,
  • developing logical thinking,
  • memory,
  • attention,
  • imagination.


Let’s have a lot of fun with FUNtastic science for kids.


FUNtastic science activities for kids based on children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder. By observing and exploring our world using all their senses and develop an understanding of the world around them. To meet the needs of children, the learning environment is active, hands-on and child-centred. You will support your children through the problem-solving process, encouraging them to try something new, persist, and find alternative solutions.


The purpose of our science activities is to educate our kids about humanity and sociability related to the wealth of nature and society. Here you will find a lot of science activities arranged into subjects, such as flora and fauna, natural phenomena, seasons and much more! Here you will find the answers your kids ask you every day.


If a kid feels a part of a city, country, or planet; if he/she sees what is going on around him/her and understand it, he/she grows more harmonious and happy.


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